We doctors can’t prescribe a ‘good death’

Society has thrust the messy and insoluble aspects of life, principally old age and death, on to doctors, nurses and hospitals.

Are We Living Too Long?

Medicine’s ever-increasing focus on longevity is bad for society, says a prominent physician.

Just One More Question: Stories from a Life in Neurology

Seamus O’Mahony reviews ‘Just One More Question: Stories from a Life in Neurology’ by Niall Tubridy, published April 2019.

Brimful of Asher

Hope, Oncology and Death
Review of When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. London: The Bodely Head, 2016.

Is palliative care having an existential crisis?
Is palliative care suffering from “chronic niceness”? What is its future? Lucy Selman, Libby Sallnow, Ros Taylor, Seamus O’Mahony, and Richard Smith discuss.