Scientific Papers
Seamus has published extensively in the scientific literature over many years. You can see the full list of his scientific papers here.

Medical Humanities
Over the last 10 years, this has been Seamus’s main academic interest. His papers on medical humanities have been published in many prestigious journals, most notably the Lancet and the British Medical Journal. You can see his list of publications in the medical humanities here.

Dublin Review of Books
Over the last few years, Seamus has written regularly for the drb, mainly on medicine and science. His essay “How Scientific Inquiry Works” is the most read piece in the 14-year history of the drb. His 2013 essay “The Big D” was included in the 2016 anthology Space to Think: Ten Years of the Dublin Review of Books”. You can see a full list of Seamus’s contributions to the drb here.

Medical Independent
Seamus has been a regular contributor to the “Mindo” since 2017. You can see a full list of his articles here.

Seamus has written for the Observer, the Irish Times, the Saturday Evening Post, the Daily Mail, the Irish Examiner and LinkedIn Pulse. You can see a full list of these publications here.